Month: June 2015

True Partnerships

Client/agency relationships are most productive when they are true partnerships. Keep reflecting on what you can do better for your client and make sure you are in it together.

Knowing your customer is #1

Interesting turn of events for Netflix who ticked off their customers back in 2011 losing 800,000+ customers. Turning things around by knowing what your customers want and how to communicate with them is key.

Tip of the week: Grow

This week’s tip is an example of how marketing professionals need to continuously grow themselves so they can deliver better for their clients.  Create an experience in your presentation, challenge yourself to do something differently, remind yourself there is no glory in memorizing a script, be authentic in what you do and how you do it. 

Sponsoring an Athlete or Team

When sponsoring a team or athlete, remember to be genuine about how you integrate. Make sure they/it represent the values of your company, or your brand, and figure out original ways to maximize that relationship so all sides benefit:

  • Brand
  • AthleteTeam
  • End Audience
  • Consumer