Month: August 2015

The Future of Marketing

‘Brands for life’,’Building trust’,’Clearly articulated purpose’-many important ideas. An article well worth the time. read full article

Great experiential marketing

“Great experiential is like a good book. It has a beginning, middle and end. It draws you in, creates lasting memories long after it’s over and leaves you wanting more.”

Stillness in motion

Watch and see how Delta creates an experience for consumers that is personal, shareable and has a heartbeat of its own. 

Cross-Channel Marketing

To fully optimize your brand’s engagement with consumers, you must have a complete understanding of cross-channel marketing and use it effectively.

It is official!

Proud to be officially certified as a Woman Owned Small Business by the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce- Montage @montagemktg and USWCC are committed to driving success for women owned businesses

Proactively Guiding the Customer Relationship

“The ability to proactively guide the customer relationship, rather than simply respond to problems, can bring big benefits.” — A Wise Marketer Read Full Article

Customers at the Core

Relationships are rooted in authentic and genuine alignment with who you are. Brands that say they are something but don’t back it up with action will lose in the long run. If you say it, you have to mean it and do it.