The 50 by 50 Project

Seeking mentorship, internship or counsel? Join the 50 by 50 Project.

In her 50th year of life, Montage Marketing Group Founder and CEO, Mercedita Roxas-Murray has a big goal: to advance professional development, growth and capacity for success of 50 aspiring professionals.

Through the 50 by 50 Project, Mercedita will host a series of physical and virtual meetups and offer one-to-one mentorship to those who seek it. The topic of each meetup will be shaped by YOU, but will be informed from Mercedita’s insights and experiences as an agency professional, a woman, a business owner, and a mom. Topics may include:

– Being a woman in the workspace
– Starting your own business
– Navigating government certifications
– Building your own personal brand

Are you an ambitious young professional who’s ready to make the next move? A woman who’s ready to start a new career as a small business owner? A mom who is ready to get back into the workforce but maybe not full time? We want to hear from you!

Send us your contact info OR pass this opportunity along to anyone you know who might benefit from professional support and mentorship.