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Social Shareability

Incorporating social shareability within your experiential marketing campaign is key to extend the conversation of your brand past the event(s). Read Full Article

The Consumer

Step out of the boardroom and look at your product/service through the eyes of the consumer. Read Full Article

College Brand Ambassadors

Build a deeper, more enduring connection with the college students by enrolling students as on-campus ambassadors for your brand.

Ferrero Roche’s Whimsical “Golden Moment” Experience

Take a look at how Ferrero Roche used Experiential Marketing by surprising a Canadian town with a “Golden Moment”. The goal of the whimsical experience was to create “an emotional connection with the brand, making sure people can see that the product is part of the celebration that they have, and that they don’t have to just wait for Christmas to use the product.”

Engagement With Brand Content Soared 52% Last Quarter

In the first quarter of 2015, more than 13 Million people liked, tweeted or shared branded content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But the amount of branded content didn’t increase, it was the consumer’s engagement rate with the brands caused a 52% spike in social engagement. An interesting aspect that is similar in experiential marketing.

Pizza Hut Engages Gamers With A Retro Arcade

Pizza Hut gets high scores with their RTX2015 activation. A retro arcade, gaming tournament, Cheesy Bites Pizza samples and more wins them great consumer interaction with the gamer nation.