¡Feliz Hispanic Heritage Month!

Today begins Hispanic Heritage Month and a special time to recognize and celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans, including those of our very own team members. Throughout the month, we’ll illuminate each of their stories.


Meet Mae

Mae writes: “Growing up bilingual is a unique experience. When I managed the state of Indiana’s efforts of language inclusion, I helped educate providers on the strength of bilingualism. Children ages 0-3 who grow up in a multilingual home experience rapid brain development. Their minds work overtime to make language connections.”

“This is a strength not a setback, even if they get words mixed up sometimes. For example, when I was little I called my socks ‘zacetines’; half the English word for them, ‘socks’ and half the Spanish word in Mexico for them, ‘calcetines.'”

“Hispanic Heritage Month for me means the celebration of all Latinx. All our beautiful shades and unique mixes. From yours truly being a JewMexican to our AfroLatinos who are a beautiful bridge between Latinos and the African American and Black communities. We will differ in our humor and how we refer to things, but where you find an absolute connection is we all speak one universal language––LOVE.”

Montage employees stand to form an M shape