Green and Healthy Homes Initiative – GHHI

Full-service event management makes a national event easy for nonprofit staff.

“We’re overstaffed,” is one thing you’ll never hear from a nonprofit. Employees of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) spend their days (and often their nights) educating communities and families about reducing in-home health risks.
Given the pace and volume of their regularly scheduled programming, it’s no surprise that planning their National Leadership Institute felt like a daunting task.
Enter Montage. We provided full-service event management and logistics, leveraging digital tools to track registration and preferences. Understanding who the attendees were and what they needed allowed us to create custom paths for each participant’s event experience.
By accounting for variances, all attendees were able to make the most of their days at the conference, GHHI saved money, and the team executed a successful event without distracting staff from their mission-driven work.