Management Leadership for Tomorrow – MLT

Interactive displays and eye-catching engagements set the tone at a quinquennial conference.

First impressions last. You know it. We know it. And Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) knows it. That’s why they called upon Montage to help set the tone at their 15th Anniversary Gala and Conference.


The nonprofit’s initial request focused on creating a unique attendee welcome experience for their quinquennial gathering. Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) wanted to surprise and delight guests during onsite registration and check-in, making the necessary processes pain free.


Celebrating MLT’s mission to empower a new generation of diverse leaders, Montage designed a spectacle of interactive displays and activities to capture attendees’ interest. We rolled out the welcome mat with an optical illusion. A lenticular sign, developed and produced to attract eyes in high-traffic areas, displayed different messages depending on the angle it was viewed. Attendees walked back and forth to see it change from “Turn Pro” to “Become a Champion.” Read together, words made up the conference theme.


Another attention-grabbing engagement served as a brain break in the conference’s in-between moments. Four self-standing walls with distinct prompts encouraged attendees to pen their thoughts on magnetic post-it-notes. Each sparked conversation and generated hundreds of thoughtful and amusing responses.


Montage came forward with a slate of creative ideas for Management Leadership for Tomorrow. And the organization responded in kind. MLT incorporated additional engagements into their events. They also introduced us to their lead sponsor, Target.