NanoSeptic® Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Market research and a culminating press event highlight a scientific solution to cleaner travel.

Achoo! Do you monitor for symptoms of sickness for days after a flight? Breathing recirculated air in a compact space isn’t the only way to catch a cold. Exposure begins before boarding the plane.
To keep things cleaner for passengers at Akron Airport, NanoTouch Materials, LLC. and Western Reserve Hospital installed self-cleaning NanoSeptic® mats in all security bins.
Montage provided media outreach and conducted a market research study to promote the ground-breaking advance in airport cleanliness. Our efforts gained nationwide attention on behalf of NanoSeptic® and it’s partners. Reader’s Digest, USA Today, Lonely Planet, major travel blogs and other news outlets picked up the story, bringing far-reaching consumer attention to NanoSeptic® and extending awareness of it’s innovative self-cleaning products.