Jen Rellora

Product Specialist | Entrepreneur at Heart | Cat Lover

Hailing from Chino, California, Jen Rellora has the confidence of an entrepreneur, a passion for accuracy, and the flexibility it takes to work well with others. She brings her management expertise, encouraging nature, and outgoing personality to her position at Montage.

Attracted to Montage by its guiding mission to leave things better than they found them, Jen draws daily inspiration from her family, her friends, and her cat Billie—the love of her life. Jen thrives on doing work that elevates the community, especially with such a diverse, community oriented, women-founded organization.

Jen holds herself to high standards, always striving to “do the right thing.” When she’s not working, she enjoys working out, being in nature especially by water, immersive art exhibits, and trying new vegan restaurants.