Tarsha Turner

Senior Program Manager | Process Leader | Discoverer

Tarsha Turner lives with purpose. She is intentional in her interactions, deliberate in her decision making, and committed to contributing to a better world. Her willingness to listen, learn, and lead have led to a successful career in private- and public-sector organizational management. And her open-mindedness, optimism, and organized nature have made her an ideal colleague and collaborator. At Montage, she’s putting it all to work to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and ensure we’re fully equipped to continue delivering exceptional service and results for our clients.

Tarsha runs on coffee morning, noon, and night; but pursuing her many passions is what really fills her cup. Writing, traveling, photography, yoga, mentorship—Tarsha embraces every opportunity for personal discovery and growth. Her life motto: “Keep moving forward.” What’s better than that for someone who’s job is to support business advancement?

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