Experiential Marketing Monthly: The Best Ideas from Around the Industry

Great ideas should be celebrated. Starting this month, we’ll be sharing our current favorites from the world of experiential. From public art that presents the problem of marine pollution to a vending machine that encourages airport passengers to have a break, these creative campaigns top our list in June:

Corona: Wave of Waste

Corona is the latest brand to drive home a social message through experiential. Ahead of World Oceans Day on June 8, Corona collected litter from local beaches to create public art installations in six global markets. Their slogan, “This is living,” was reframed as a question to give audiences an opportunity for self-inquiry about how they dispose of waste. The campaign, which combines cause marketing with experiential, intends to raise awareness for the growing problem of marine plastic pollution.

Philips: Dutch Masterjuices

The disappearing act Philips pulled at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is sure to beat any magic show money can buy. To emphasize the importance of healthy eating, the innovative brand removed fruits and vegetables from the museum’s still life paintings—even going so far as to snatch them out in front of onlookers. Museum-goers reactions were caught on film and they are nothing short of hilarious. They also drive home the purpose of the promotion: people ignore fruits and veggies until they aren’t there. Worry not—Philips made sure visitors got their five-a-day by demoing its juicers on site.

Amazon: Dino-Sized Delivery

What’s in the box? Amazon, Jeep and Universal Pictures capitalized on the emotion of anticipation with a dino-sized delivery in Los Angeles. Ahead of the release of the upcoming Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, a Wrangler motorcade towed a massive, Jurassic World-branded Amazon box, complete with air-holes, from the Port of LA to an area mall. The partners’ cross-channel promotion far outsized the package itself. Scanning the box’s SmileCode opened a landing page with discounted ticket offers. Eager fans could ask Amazon’s Alexa for clues about what’s inside. Those who stuck around got to witness the big reveal by film stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Cue to 32:23.

KitKat: Delayed Flight Delight

Surprising and delighting audiences is the shared goal of marketers everywhere. And in the São Paolo airport, KitKat’s team did just that. The Nestle-owned candy brand invited passengers to scan their boarding passes at an in-airport vending machine. The machine detected and dispensed free KitKat bars to people with delayed flights giving frustrated passengers the opportunity to experience the brand’s “have a break” slogan first hand.

Marriott: MI30

If Marriott’s recent sales conference is any indication, their 2017 merger with Starwood gives travelers a lot to look forward to. The newly-minted business partners showcased their 30 shared hotel brands with interactive vignettes ala Refinery 29’s 29Rooms. Each multi-sensory installation encouraged audience participation and presented the unique aspects of each brand’s aesthetic and service orientation. Can we go next year?

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