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How to Build a Diverse Workforce and Why It Matters
Having a diverse workforce is beneficial for a company’s culture and employee retention. But how is it achieved, sustained, and fostered? To explore this question, we turned to Marie Brooks, Montage’s Director of People and Culture.
Infographic: 2023 in Review
From growing our clients and staff to serving our community, join us in looking back at all we accomplished in 2023.
Happy Holidays from Montage
Happy holidays! Join us in celebrating some of our favorite moments from 2023 — each a testament to the power of collaboration and connection.
Content Creation in the ChatGPT Era
What are the benefits and risks of using ChatGPT to develop content? And when should humans have the first and last word? Montage’s Lead Translator and Content Co-Creator, Rodolfo Gil shares his insights.
Montage employees stand to form an M shape