Five Resources to Kick-Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Calling all dreamers: now is the time to start your own business. Fellow entrepreneurs agree. According to recent research from Gallup and Wells Fargo, American small business owners feel optimistic about their prospects, both present and future.

Whether you’re well on your way to start-up success or simply want to explore a different way of working, these five resources will help you plan, prepare and persevere on your entrepreneurial journey.

Hands In

Articulate Your Idea. Maybe you studied physics instead of business? Perhaps you’re better with ideas than organization? Even the most adept entrepreneurs can benefit from a little structure and support when articulating their new business idea. No matter your experience and skills, these three tools can help you compose a knockout business plan.

Go Ask Alice. Your business plan should articulate your vision and serve as a roadmap to your success. But what happens when you come across a question you’re not prepared to answer? Alice is here to help. A brand-new artificial intelligence tool in the vein of Siri and Alexa, Alice connects growth-orientated business owners with information, mentors, referrals, and other resources from leading industry sources. Alice is available for all entrepreneurs, but hopes to be especially helpful for females who disproportionately go solo when starting their own businesses.

Team Up. Winning big contracts might seem daunting for solo and small business ventures. Indeed, there is strength in numbers, but not necessarily within your company. Teaming up with other business, both small and large, extends your capacities, capabilities and competitiveness. Women and minority-owned businesses especially have an advantage when bidding for big contracts due to a growing emphasis on supplier diversity. Companies like Titanium Worldwide, a collective of 17 certified-diverse, independent agencies in media, marketing and communications, take advantage of teaming to win business from Fortune 500 companies.

Be Inspired. Starting a business involves a lot of hard work and dedication. There are sure to be bumps in the road. But when they arise, these words of wisdom from some of the world’s most notable business people can help. Write one down, pin it up in your office and revisit it whenever you need a boost.

Reach Out. If you’re interested in starting your own business, we want to hear from you. From internships to small business mentoring to franchise opportunities, Montage helps pave pathways of opportunity for those who desire to create, lead and achieve.