Ashley Adams

Senior Program Manager | Early Bird | Optimist

Did you know that Ashley once lit a campfire with a single match? It’s true! It’s also a metaphor for her professional life. Ashley has repeatedly navigated unfamiliar territory and used her intrinsic spark to kindle success. She is bright, bubbly, intentional, and optimistic, a quick study, and an avid collaborator—an ideal combination for someone who now spends her days cultivating client and partner relationships.

Ashley takes pride in creating a culture of belonging, both at Montage and as a mentor for local causes like Barrier-Free Maryland. She devotes her down time to cuddling her beloved 15-year-old Chihuahua son, discovering new plant-based recipes, and dancing to anything by Rihanna. Just don’t ask her to stay up past 9:30 P.M. Ashley’s early bedtime is non-negotiable.