David Harris

Contracts And Compliance Manager | Leatherneck | King's Spawn

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Dave Harris credits his time in the Marine Corps with giving him the confidence to get any job done, no matter what. He first learned of Montage via our recruiter, Sorianny Tavares, found it a good fit, and joined up. (Nice work, Sorianny!)

Dave’s extensive experience in the federal government informs his work for Montage to ensure that we meet rigorous compliance standards for federal contracts, and compliance matters in general. A self-motivated person, he believes commitment to a cause and determination are essential to achieving success.

In his off-duty hours, Dave enjoys doing volunteer work back in his hometown. An immensely proud dad and husband, he loves spending time with his wife and kids, camping and sharing survival techniques. Fun fact: Dave is a descendant of the first king of Norway.