Espen Matel

Data Analyst | Detective | Metalhead

Espen is so much more than spreadsheets. He is versatile, curious, and confident that he can find a solution to any problem he’s presented. While skilled at spotting trends in complex data sets, Espen understands that people interpret information differently. For him, creativity, communication, and context are equally important—and he’s committed to delivering across all aspects.

Inspired by opportunities for growth and improvement, Espen moves through life as if any given experience might become his new favorite thing. At the same time, he believes excellence is born out of repetition; if he puts in the time, results will follow. His stick-to-it-iveness is certainly what landed him a gig at the DC-area’s premier heavy metal club. Perhaps it’s also why he must drink at least one Harris Teeter Zero Calorie Cola every day. Whatever fuels him, we’re happy this talented team player is among us.