Helen Ding headshot for Montage Marketing Group
Helen wearing a Barbie-themed outfit and smiling in front of the Barbie movie poster

Helen Ding

Marketing Analyst | Idealist | Weightlifter

Helen Ding, equally fluent in English and Chinese, was the first in her family to graduate from college. Originally from New York, she came to Montage inspired by the company’s minority-women focus and its work to make a positive impact on communities.

Helen works with her team to make data more useful to others at Montage and to our clients and partners. She is a natural communicator and collaborator, and an idealist who is passionate about working toward peace—in her own life, and for others around the world.

Getting through the workday with the help of fruit, berries, and nuts, Helen in her spare time volunteers in support of causes she believes in. She’s also a weightlifter—because changing the world ain’t easy.