Hunter MacPherson

Operations Manager | Logistics Leader | Horror Fan

They say, “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor,” and Hunter agrees. His career thus far has been a testament to his willingness to push past his comfort zone, learn new skills, and grow where he’s planted. He doesn’t shy away from goals—whether it be saving up for a house or revamping warehouse operations—and his hard work pays off.

Punctual, practical, and process-orientated, Hunter sees an objective clearly and knows how to get there. He excels at managing logistics, but he’s also adept at understanding people. He prioritizes consistent communication to build good relationships. His laidback personality and subtle sense of humor also play their part.

In his down time, Hunter can be found strumming his guitar, biking, hiking, fishing, camping, indulging in horror movies (both good and bad), and sipping ice-cold water and tea.