Je'Nyce Gilmore headshot for Montage Marketing Group
Je'Nyce smiles while a small monkey is on her arm

Je’Nyce Gilmore

Manager, Community Engagement | Volunteer | Wanderluster

Brooklyn-born Je’Nyce Gilmore-Bain was drawn to Montage by its team dynamics and community-service focus, and simply because helping people and serving her community are second nature to her.

Je’Nyce contributes to Montage her extensive experience in project management, change management, and operational strategy. She also brings a strong belief in the power of transparency and open communication—and confidence in her own determination—to help her get the job done.

Family is her prime motivation, although it takes a little hot lemon ginger tea and white cheddar popcorn to get her through the day. And besides volunteer work, her free time is flight time; Je’Nyce was bitten hard by the travel bug.