Jon Finer

Director, Experiential Operations | Field Leader | Gamer

Jon has seen a lot—big cities, small towns, all walks of life. With each experience, he’s learned a new lesson: How to find multiple solutions to any problem. How to calm your nerves before speaking to a crowd of 100,000 people. How to make marketing feel less like marketing and more like something people want to be part of.

Here at Montage, Jon is responsible for delivering unrivaled experiential solutions. It’s a job he’s been preparing for since 2005. From his first post working as a brand ambassador for PlayStation to traveling the country as a tour manager to producing tradeshows for Fortune 500 companies, Jon has covered all aspects of the experiential industry. He’s now putting his vast knowledge and experience to use in service of our clients.

Jon is cool, calm, and collected by nature; an avid gamer; and a steadfast friend. Although he’s currently posted in Washington, D.C., he’s always happy to return to the road, especially if it means clocking a visit to another sports stadium—150 and counting…