Josh Perez headshot for Montage Marketing Group
Josh smiles on his Harley-Davidson bike

Josh Perez

Tour Manager | Morning Meditator | Future Spaceman

Having traveled to Europe, Asia, South America, and Central America, Josh Perez dreams of next traveling beyond the stratosphere. For the time being, the Amarillo, Texas, native is quite happy in the family atmosphere of Montage.

With over 20 years of face-to-face consumer engagements under his belt, Josh employs his polished people skills as a tour manager with Montage. Early morning meditation helps him rise to each day’s challenges, motivated by the potential to make a positive impact on communities while growing personally.

After work, Josh enjoys photography and (although he claims to be an introvert at heart) simply spending time with family and friends. Just having a blast—and dreaming of blasting off one day.