Julie Ault

Manager, Talent Acquisition and Retention | Organized Optimist | Professional Car Napper

Julie may be a small-town girl, but she knows it’s a great big world out there. The way she sees it, the sky is the limit.

Inspired by possibility, Julie parlayed her skills from a 10-year career in higher education to become an essential part of Montage’s talent team. She is empathetic, organized, and communicative—all the qualities you want from the first person future employees meet on their Montage journey. Her bona fides include building a role from the ground up to lead recruitment for priority academic programs at Bowling Green State University and developing and training a team of more than 25 student ambassadors.

Julie credits her family, her beloved Bichon pup, and copious amounts of coffee for keeping her striving and thriving. She will gladly sing a Christmas tune or take a quick snooze in the car at any time, and if you’re ever feeling down, Julie will offer her life mantra: No matter what, I am enough.