Lucy Koo

Senior Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Daily Napper

Lucy Koo is a globetrotting, book illustrating, board game club-hosting, baking, cooking, knitting, swimming, cat-loving, crafty creative who, despite her reserved nature, may be one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. Her friends call her an odd duck. We call her a dream team member.

Lucy’s background in fine arts, particularly illustration and printmaking, laid the foundation for her transition to graphic design. Throughout her career, she has developed brand identities, collateral, and marketing materials, often with a focus on conferences and events. Whatever the medium—print, digital, video, or web—Lucy is eager and able to dive right in. She’s even licensed several pieces of original work to Adobe.

A true creative, Lucy can’t live without her MacBook Pro. Non-negotiable daily naps take a close second.