Mäe Sandberg

Senior Manager, Community Engagement | Proud MexiCAN-AmeriCAN | Ray of Sunshine

Hardworking, empathetic, and ebullient sum up Mäe. She moves through life joyfully and gratefully, proud of her heritage and the path she is charting.

Born in Texas, raised in Mexico, and residing in Indiana, Mäe cherishes growing up in a multilingual family. Today, she applies her bilingual talents while engaging communities in the All of Us Research Program.

Mäe finds purpose in helping others, bridging gaps between people, and advocating for equity across communities. She loves that her values align with Montage’s—aspiring to do more and be more for herself and others.

Given her sunny disposition and love of bright lipstick, you might be surprised that Mäe once identified as Goth. She further embraced life’s evolutions when learning how to swim at age 40. According to Mäe, “You are never too old to learn something new and overcome what you once thought was impossible.”