Patrice Robinson

Manager, Outreach and Engagement | Lifelong Educator | Proud Grandmother

Patrice is a connector by nature. At work, she builds strategic partnerships to help Montage’s clients reach priority audiences. At home, she brings her kids and grandkids together to create memories that will last a lifetime. As she puts it: “I truly love people, and I want them to feel it when they are with me.”

Patrice spent 20 years in early childhood education and leadership before shifting into her role as an Outreach and Engagement Manager at Montage. She finds the qualities that served her well then—clear and frequent communication, a focus on building relationships, and plenty of patience—serve her equally well now.

Her children, her awarded career, and overcoming her fear of flying top Patrice’s list of greatest accomplishments. And despite her favorite song being Whitney Houston’s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” Patrice certainly does. Her confidence, authenticity, and care enable her to make a difference every day for Montage and our clients.

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