Yurubi Fuenmayor

Senior Program Manager | Committed Collaborator | Playful Parent

Yurubi follows where her internal compass points. In the last decade, she has moved from Venezuela to Colombia to North Carolina; from consulting to corporate to nonprofit to agency. She alone has charted her path—asking questions, finding answers, learning, growing, and building confidence to meaningfully contribute in all she undertakes.

While she derives great satisfaction from her professional pursuits, Yurubi finds her true north in her two young children. Reading, playing, crafting, and helping them grow top her priority list. Cleaning up after them? Not so much. There’s nothing more irritating to her than a crumb-covered floor.

Yurubi was drawn to Montage for its diverse team and commitment to giving back. She contributes her own unique experiences and perspectives as a Program Manager, building bulletproof strategies and strong relationships with Montage’s customers and clients.