VIDEO: 8 Indisputable Advantages of Experiential Marketing

Often referred to as “experience marketing,” “brand experience,” or “event marketing,” experiential is increasingly being recognized for its ability to create relationships between brands and customers. The practice isn’t new. But with 91 percent of global audiences regarding ads as intrusive, marketers are turning to experiential as a more effective means to capture the hearts and minds of customers.

Our team has spent the last 30 years implementing successful experiential marketing strategies. We caught on early and shared an affinity for its advantages: the opportunity to immerse customers in a brand, to make audiences feel valued through one-to-one interactions, to gather feedback, and to build long-term relationships and customer loyalty. These are eight of the indisputable advantages of experiential marketing.

To this day, there has not been an industry-wide accepted definition of the category. Experiential marketing is diverse because experiences are diverse. But if we look at the “why”—the purpose of experiential—we see that it is and always has been about creating meaningful connections between brands and customers.

How we create experiences and what tools we use will continue evolve. But the beauty of effective experiential is that it creates something that a company and a consumer are equal parts of. And now more than ever, that’s exactly what consumers want most.

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