VIDEO: A Journey Through the Dubai World Expo 2020

The first World Expo took place 170 years ago during the height of the Industrial Revolution. The latest concluded last month having shaped six months of programming around 17 sustainable development goals. Montage traveled to the U.A.E. to experience it all. What did we discover at the biggest event the world has ever seen? Take a look and experience Expo 2020 for yourself.

Featured images and video in order of appearance include:

– Plane passing overhead. Credit: iv-serg from Getty Images
– Multicolor bubbles/globe, Mobility Pavilion
– Panning shot looking up inside Al Wasl Dome. Credit: Phoenixproductions from Getty Images Signature
– 360° evaporation video, Brazil Pavilion
– AI 3D mesh projection, Mobility Pavilion
– Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness exhibit, U.S.A. Pavilion
– City in the desert interactive digital touchscreen, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion
– 180° video walls and floor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion
– Forest preservation floor-to-ceiling video, Sustainability Pavilion
– 3D future city, Mobility Pavilion
– Escalator journey with surrounding video, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion
– Tactile digital floor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion
– Women’s Pavilion entry hall and exhibit, Women’s Pavilion
– Circular water feature, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion
– Touchscreen interactive water feature, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion
– Multicultural children photo panels, Indonesia Pavilion
– Sustainability goals with United Nations video, Opportunity Pavilion
– Interior of United Kingdom Pavilion, U.K. Pavilion
– Early mobility innovator figures, Mobility Pavilion
– Exterior of Pakistan Pavilion, Pakistan Pavilion. Credit: Sasha Pritchard
– Exterior of Sustainability Pavilion, Expo 2020
– “When Women Thrive Humanity Thrives” wood block wall, Women’s Pavilion
– Lifesize astronaut and globe, Mobility Pavilion
– Lightshow in Al Wasl Dome

All images and video taken by Julia Hornaday for Montage Marketing Group unless otherwise specified.