Your Weekly Round Up 4/19/17

Brian Cohen’s article reads a bit like an episode of Survivor, but he tells some hard truths all marketers need to hear. Namely, if we fail to understand the customer, we fail period. This validates our commitment to grounding every project in deep audience intelligence, but also challenges us to help clients truly understand why customer insights and decisive action are more critical than ever before. As Cohen powerfully states, “Only companies that have the foresight and the fortitude to adapt to fundamental shifts in consumer behavior will survive and thrive.”

Every woman’s dream or experiential marketing? Kotex delivers both with this brilliant pop-up shop that offers all the essentials you need during your period. The best part? Kotex discovered the idea through social media, and helped their customer to bring it to life.

When Richard Branson speaks, we take a listen! The modern marketing genius advocates strongly for female entrepreneurs of all kinds in this editorial. The first step—breaking down the all-too-familiar boys’ club of business. But how? Rather than encouraging them to be the boss, we must empower women to be their OWN boss. Indeed, if women started businesses at the same rate as men, global GDP would increase by $28 trillion by 2025.