Your Weekly Round Up 4/5/17

A new take on Marketing 101, fast facts on the state female entrepreneurship, a few tips for small business success, and one ‘Fearless Girl’—here’s what reading, watching and drawing inspiration from the week.

I can recall one of my college professors introducing the four Ps of marketing like it was yesterday: product, price, place, promotion. But is it time to rethink this basic business school principle? Al Ries argues yes in Forget Yours Ps; Mind the Four Ms of Marketing.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news is female-owned companies have grown at a rate five times the national average over the last nine years. The bad news is that male-owned companies make 73 percent higher revenues. Find more facts and figures, both frustrating and encouraging, here.

We so often associate entrepreneurship and startups with venture capital funding and IPOs, but this article assures us “not every startup has to be a unicorn.” Your small business success may boil down to just three simple things: certifications, support and HUSTLE

Women’s History Month concluded last week. Our favorite part, Fearless Girl, which celebrates the power of women in leadership, recently got word that her stay on Wall Street will be extended through February 2018. But did you know that behind the bronze was a team of minds from State Street Global Advisors and McCann? We applaud their creativity and purpose for both the art installed and the experience it created. Watch Fearless Girl come to life.