Your Weekly Round Up 5/10/17

Parents will nod along with Department Zero’s description of nearly universal parenting experiences. But what can these all too familiar episodes teach us about experiential marketing? Both require setting expectations and keeping things simple to achieve an optimal result.

Another lesson in keeping things simple: New research shows that brands believe they must elicit very strong (positive) emotions in order to capture customer loyalty. But not so. “Customers aren’t looking for over-the-top perks—they simply want brands to keep their promises.” So what happens when brands fail to meet expectations? That’s when strong emotions really come into play—and not in the ‘surprise and delight’ order we all desire. A good way to avoid pitfalls? Let your customer lead your CX strategy.

What influences influencers? These podcasts for starters. Take a listen and tell us what podcasts YOU turn to for inspiration.

We love Dove! The ‘real beauty’ brand draws upon the human experience to shape (literally!) the customer’s experience with their product. Pear, apple, long and lean, hourglass, these new limited edition bottles further solidify Dove as a purpose-driven brand.

Dove Body-Shaped Bottles