Your Weekly Round Up 5/24/17

Ahh, summer is upon us, and we here at Montage can’t wait to make the most of it! We have a website relaunch on the horizon, lots of new business pursuits in the works, and our first intern starting this week.

When considering how to make the most (and get the most) out of our intern’s experience, we valued the advice of career and workplace expert, Heather Huhman. Bonus: she too is based in Maryland! Heather reasons that treating interns as fully fledged members of your team can pay big dividends for your business. As a company committed to supporting the ambitions of the young (as well as the not so young) and hungry, we appreciate her reminder that the benefits of a strong internship program go both ways.

If bringing interns on board allows you to carve out more time for thinking big, all the better. Summer is the perfect time to slow down and consider what you really want, including making a major life change. Whatever your goal may be, with enough hard work and planning, anything is within your reach.

We discovered this first-hand in starting Montage. Launching a new business venture is no easy feat, but it’s worth it. We only wish Alice had been there for us.

A brand-new artificial intelligence tool in the vein of Siri and Alexa, Alice connects growth-orientated business owners with information, mentors, referrals, and other resources from leading industry sources. Developed by Circular Board, a virtual accelerator for female entrepreneurs, Alice is available for all entrepreneurs, but hopes to be especially helpful for females who disproportionately go solo when starting their own businesses.

Whether your summer involves big plans or no plans at all, we hope it’s as much fun as this video of the first-ever slo-mo marathon. Hosted by Paramount Pictures to promote the new Baywatch movie, it had us laughing all the way through. Enjoy!