Your Weekly Round Up 5/3/17

Don’t go down with the ship! Steve Randazzo draws a creative parallel to dish out spot-on advice in this article. Though he speaks specifically about experiential activations, his wisdom applies to all marketers—“it can be tempting to sink a titanic budget into the splashiest [fill in the blank] ever conceived, but the single-minded pursuit of buzz is risky. There are icebergs in those waters.”

Craving a taste of the simple life? Burt’s Bees serves it up with their latest experiential activation—a 360 degree digital tour of their founder’s cabin. Originally located in rural Maine, the company has since relocated their headquarters and Burt’s cabin to North Carolina. There, you can explore the cabin in person and experience the Observation Hive to learn about bees and the importance of their survival. We love how both experiences prioritize purpose over product and help consumers connect to nature and the brand’s roots.

When Amy Alexander’s grandfather told his family to go and make something of themselves, they listened. Her article weaves their experience as opportunity seekers into a broader narrative of minority entrepreneurship in America. Well-researched and empowering, Amy’s article explains that while many barriers still exist for minority entrepreneurs, the future is bright. Indeed, Black and Latina women represent the fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs in the U.S. Her grandfather would be proud.

Whether you’re a CEO or an intern, the five tips will help you tackle your to-do list. Watch now.