Who is leading your CX strategy – you or your customer?

Marketing has always been affixed with acronyms, but seemingly never more so than now. Rarely an article goes read without coming across AI, VR, or the super-hot CX.

CX, or customer experience, is the sum of all interactions a customer has with a brand throughout the duration of their relationship. Many marketers devote the whole of their time and resources to carefully crafting and curating superior interactions. But are they putting the cart before the horse?

The true success of CX lies within the last word of its definition – relationship. You see, when focused on specific, momentary (and monetary) interactions, marketers often forget that the customer is a living, breathing and evolving person. And like all relationships, that requires getting to know them on multiple levels.

Get to Know Each Other

Our process at Montage always starts with that make or break ‘getting to know you’ phase. We conduct interviews, survey audiences, observe behaviors and examine vast data sets to help us feel out the customer.

Through this process, we frequently discover that the customer’s need differs from what the client originally thought. It may even be different than what the customers themselves originally thought. By listening, observing and studying, we identify the real problem to be solved and craft solutions to address it. And is there any better way to engender loyalty and build a relationship than helping someone solve a problem? Unlikely.

Make It Official

Any good relationship takes time – and multiple interactions – to form. You wouldn’t marry someone after a first date, would you? WOULD YOU? Of course not!

Experience tell us that an in-person interaction is the best way to spark and stoke the flame of a relationship. Live engagements boast the greatest potential for customers to interact with and talk about your brand. But their effectiveness diminishes in a vacuum. Complement your live activation with tools that your customers use like digital and traditional media, as well as other live touchpoints, and your relationship is bound to blossom.

Keep The Flame Alive

Now that you’ve got a good thing going, how do you keep it from fizzling out? Easy – show up and stay interested in your customer’s needs. The more your focus on your relationship with the customer, the more natural and beneficial their interactions with your brand will become.

In essence, let your customer lead your CX strategy.