Best in the Biz Brand Ambassadors: Are You One of Them?

Written by Liz Hurtado, Experiential Program Manager and former full-time Brand Ambassador

Liz Ayala, Experiential Program Manager and former brand ambassador

Have we met? Odds are good if you’ve ever held the title of Brand Ambassador. Ours is a small field: Roughly 60 percent of applications that come across my desk belong to people I’ve worked with in the past.

Prior to landing at Montage, I held the title of full-time Brand Ambassador. I gained valuable experience in the field that I now use to evaluate and hire the best BAs in the biz.

It’s always great to see familiar faces apply for roles with Montage. It’s equally exciting to welcome newcomers to our ever-changing field. We rely on quality Brand Ambassadors to wow our clients and achieve their goals. Naturally, we have high expectations in who we hire.

I’ve put together an informal checklist of what I look for in BA candidates during hiring, training, at and after events. Before you apply for your next role, I encourage you to take a look.

On Paper

Your first opportunity to make an impression is on paper. As with any role, your resume should address the requirements and be carefully proofread. It’s important to see that candidates have read the full listing. Do you answer all the questions on the application? One thing applicants frequently miss is our request to provide their availability.

Often when applying for Brand Ambassador roles, candidates send a promotional resume—a list of dates, clients or agencies they’ve worked for, with minimal additional details. We love to see more. Ideally, BA candidates submit their professional resume, one that includes skills, qualities and accomplishments, versus roles alone. By giving us more to go on, we are better able to identify your leadership potential and special skills early on.

And please don’t forget a headshot! We never discriminate, but we do need to know you are who you say you are. Make sure your headshot is appropriate and up-to-date before sending.

In Person

Great resumes and cover letters come in droves—the true test comes through communication.

I interview Brand Ambassador candidates over the phone and in-person, depending on the event. Good first impressions start with the basics. Do you present yourself appropriately and professionally? Do you proactively greet staff? Are you on time? Punctuality is essential in Brand Ambassadors.

Our conversation is your time to shine. Make sure you’ve done your homework. Research the role, the company and the client, if advertised. Be prepared with questions that demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the job.

How a candidate processes and responds to questions is the strongest indicator of their ability to deliver brand messages during the event. We encourage you to answer clearly and in plain language.

I also really want to see your unique abilities to shine through. Can you command a room? Build connections quickly? Do you possess strong leadership or creative skills? Speak multiple languages? And, of course, do you have a general knowledge of marketing? All of these factor in to our hiring decisions.


Congratulations, you’ve landed the gig! But there’s more work to be done before the big day. Preparations to become a well-versed, articulate brand expert have just begun.

Brand Ambassadors serve on the front lines. They are responsible for shaping the first, and often lasting, impression of a brand. The effectiveness of any event depends on them.

We work to ensure our BAs are ready for anything. We provide comprehensive training materials and follow up with at least one session over the phone or in-person.

But preparedness is a two-way street. Before training, Brand Ambassadors should read and review the provided materials. We aim to use our time together less as a teaching moment and more as an opportunity to field questions and offer clarification. We want you to demonstrate your familiarity and competency with the brand and key messages.

Our training often concludes with a quiz. Pass the test and you’ll make it to the main event.

The Event & Everything After

The big day has arrived and expectations are running high. We want the best in the business – and you want to be the best. But what does that mean on the day of the event? In short, we want your performance to be one we can’t live without.

On the most basic level, we abide by the words, “on time is late, early is on time.” There are inevitably last minute tasks to be completed before the masses arrive. Being an extra set of hands before the event begins can give early birds a big leg up.

During the event itself, communication and productivity are the name of the game. Brand Ambassadors who proactively drive traffic to the experience, who embrace the opportunity to talk with visitors, and who use down time to tidy up or assist with side tasks are more likely to be rehired. We champion BAs who deliver key messages effectively and break down barriers for visitors.

On time? On task? Happy to go above and beyond? We would love to have you back.

Join Us

Are you an experienced Brand Ambassador who is ready for more meaningful opportunities or a marketer interested in charting a new path of connection and communication? I’d love to meet you. Send us your resume, headshot, and availability, and we’ll contact you as opportunities arise.