Meet Our Team

True to our name, our team is a montage of diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and strengths. But we all have one thing in common – doing 'more' is in our DNA.

Mercedita Roxas-Murray

Teresa Pipia

Beth Bingham

Amy Driscoll

Dianne Beltran

Rima Matsumoto

Jeremiah McCloud

Julia Hornaday

Melissa Jackson

Breck Taylor

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Yurubi Fuenmayor

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Brooke Allen

Larissa Gilmer

Kevin Carrillo

Espen Matel

CEO | Purpose-Driven Marketer | Proud PTA Member


Mercedita has a thick skin, a big heart and an uncanny ability to function on very little sleep. She formed the idea for Montage in 2014 after nearly 30 years of experience in agencies across the globe. It’s sort of like the third child she still wants – don’t tell her teenagers.


Daughter of an immigrant, Mercedita inherited a spirit of hard work, determination and advocacy for others. She points her compass toward working for a greater purpose; and she doesn’t believe in failure. It’s no surprise that the #1 song on her personal soundtrack is “Don’t Stop Believing.”


Mercedita binds Montage together with her PR, advertising, marketing, communications and experiential expertise. Her colleagues call her strategic, steadfast and versatile. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has won a ton of awards that she’ll probably never mention. Family is her touchstone. Green tea is her fuel. And nothing stands in her way.

Chief Operations Officer | Ninja Multitasker | Boy (x3) Mom


Teresa finds motivation in navigating new situations. That’s probably why she fearlessly entered the male-dominated field of sports marketing fresh out of college, has transitioned from agency to nonprofit to business ownership without blinking an eye, and once celebrated Thanksgiving Day by giving birth to twins.


She is fiercely loyal and excels at keeping people and projects on track. It’s no surprise that some of her former colleagues have joined her at Montage.


Though Teresa’s dream of becoming a CIA agent never came to fruition, she takes great pride in building a company that creates impactful marketing solutions for socially-conscious brands. She believes all work and no play is a no-no, can read a room with spy-like astuteness (so you’re saying there’s a chance?) and loves learning what makes someone tick. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from American University, a MBA/MS Sports Management from UMass Amherst, and proudly roots for a baseball team halfway in between – the NY Yankees.

Vice President, Marketing Communications | Master of Divinity | Ice Cream Queen


Hailing from the Mitten, Beth finds goodness, grace, and beauty on Lake Michigan’s shores – three gifts she carries out into the world.


Sure, she has steered communications strategies for big corporations, national nonprofits, and state governments, but Beth’s true calling is to create meaningful connections with people. She believes deeply that all lives are inextricably linked, that there are no “others.” It is through that lens that Beth works fiercely to achieve justice and equity.


Amidst Beth’s professional credentials are an associate pastorship, facilitator of anti-racism workshops, and outreach to homeless and incarcerated people. Beth doesn’t think in traditional terms of accomplishments. Instead, she relishes in life’s gifts – precious time in her mother’s final years, midday walks with her dog, and a freezer full of ice cream.

Creative Director | Cellist | Netflix Nut


From Beethoven to Bauhuas, Amy Driscoll attributes her foundation in music as a guiding principle in her creative endeavors. Indeed, this design-savvy, strategic thinker shines in all things artistic.


Amy has successfully oscillated between in-house and freelance positions for most of her 20+ year career in marketing. While producing large-scale branded events using innovative technologies, she found a new passion for experiential design. Montage was in the right place at the right time, bringing her on and immediately applying her talents.


An empath by nature, Amy really cares about getting her work just right. She listens carefully, sees needs, and fills them with smart and visually stimulating creative solutions. With coffee, tea, and more coffee by her side, Amy powers through even the most demanding projects. And when it’s all said and done, she loves a good Netflix binge.

Program Director | Events Extraordinaire | Lover of Electric Violin


Dianne’s favorite quote is “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” Muhammad Ali was probably talking about her when he said it. Dianne is an unassuming powerhouse. She learned English within six months of immigrating to the U.S., graduated college in three years while working full-time, and staffed over 500 nationwide events annually for nearly five years.


Dianne hails from Colombia (the country, not the district), and loves the sun and coffee accordingly. If there’s a beach, she’s probably been there and made us all jealous in the process.


Dianne honed her experiential marketing expertise in-house and in-the-field, a potent combination that she applies to the benefit of Montage’s clients. She is proud to work for a company that prioritizes projects that benefit her community, and is an avid fan of Celia Cruz.

Multicultural Advisor | Difference Maker | Former Competitive Gymnast


When opportunity knocks, Rima answers. That’s what brought her to the U.S. from Mexico at age 17, inspired her to launch a Japanese outpost of a global nonprofit that promotes opportunities for women in business, and ultimately, drove her to Montage.


A gymnast in her youth, Rima’s flexibility has evolved from physical to mental. She is an astute listener and avid learner. Montage particularly benefits from her ability to build strong relationships with people from all walks of life and transform complexities into impactful solutions. She appreciates the agency’s commitment to excellence – and that no one on the team takes themselves too seriously.


In her spare time, Rima chairs the board of CASA, one of the largest and most prominent nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region, which provides a comprehensive array of services, education and civic engagement programs for low-income immigrants. She aspires to be a difference maker, as if she’s not well on her way, and never wants to live without her family, her dog and skim chai lattes.


Program Director | Marine Corps Veteran | Mission-Minded


Jeremiah came to Montage to make a difference in people’s lives. It was a pursuit he longed for following his career in the U.S. Marines – working toward a shared mission and ending each day with a sense of purpose.


Intrinsically curious and action orientated, Jeremiah sees his life as a journey of constant self-discovery and self-mastery. He’s not here to “Just do the work” – even though that is one of his go-to quotes. Rather, he embraces every opportunity to learn from his peers, mentor others, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Jeremiah fuels his passions with savory snacks, music in his ears, and ample time in nature. He’s a proud dad and a former high school state champion for reading poetry. A man of many talents!

Director of Marketing | Wordsmith | Perfectionist


Julia embraces an environment where excellence is expected, and then tries to do better. Her middle school teachers and Montage’s leadership both picked up on this trait, respectively electing Julia as General in her 8th grade Civil War unit and marketer for the marketing agency. For the record, her side won that year, and her mom embarrassingly brags about both.


Identifying as a Midwestern, a Washingtonian, and a nomad, Julia is accordingly hardworking, competitive, and curious. Her greatest accomplishments include running 5k in under 20 minutes and traveling to 49 countries and counting. She also wrote most of what you’ll read on this website.


Julia credits Montage’s culture of creativity, autonomy, purpose, and empowerment as inspiration for doing her best work and motivation to contribute more to the world than likes and clicks. She is a recent convert to the Oxford comma.

Senior Program Manager | Problem Solver | KitchenAid Addict


Melissa lives by the three Ps: patience, positivity and persistence. She loves a challenge, is skilled at solving puzzles and prides herself on being able to see the silver lining in every situation. In the mind of Melissa, nothing is impossible.


Melissa made her way south to DC via Amtrak’s Northeast Regional route. She grew up in New York, spent her childhood in Pennsylvania and landed in DC to attend George Washington University. She’s a talented French horn player and former member of the GW pep band. Melissa includes playing at a university event attended by Barack Obama among her favorite memories.


The opportunity to be part of a young company’s early stages initially attracted Melissa to Montage. Prioritizing purpose-driven work sealed the deal. We’re thrilled to have Melissa on the team, both for her positive presence and program management skills. Did we mention she can bake?

Art Director | Experience Designer | Chocolate Lover


Crafty, creative, and cool, Breck is your quintessential Art Director. But don’t let her chill demeanor fool you – Breck loves a challenge. She completed graduate school while pregnant, working full-time, and raising two children. Yes, you read that right. This professional working mother of three doesn’t let anything stand in her way.


A Virginia native and George Washington University alum, Breck appreciates Montage’s position as a local, woman-owned, experiential marketing agency. It is an ideal home to flex her design muscle and balance time with family.


When she’s not churning out top-notch creative or momming like a boss, Breck is likely unwinding with some chocolate and the hottest new TV series. She’s always ready to give a great recommendation and a solid piece of life advice. Her favorite, “Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.”

Operations Manager | Logistics Leader | Horror Fan


They say, “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor,” and Hunter agrees. His career thus far has been a testament to his willingness to push past his comfort zone, learn new skills, and grow where he’s planted. He doesn’t shy away from goals – whether it be saving up for a house or revamping warehouse operations – and his hard work pays off.


Punctual, practical, and process-orientated, Hunter sees an objective clearly and knows how to get there. He excels at managing logistics, but he’s also adept at understanding people. He prioritizes consistent communication to build good relationships. His laidback personality and subtle sense of humor also play their part.


In his down time, Hunter can be found strumming his guitar, biking, hiking, fishing, camping, indulging in horror movies (both good and bad), and sipping ice-cold water and tea.

Community Engagement Manager | Solution Spotter | Travel Aficionado


Liz thinks fate led her to Montage, but in reality, she’s just really good at what she does. Following 10 years in the administrative field, Liz took the leap into experience marketing. Her honed ability to spot potential weaknesses and offer solutions made her a natural in the industry. And when she crossed paths with Montage, we were eager to scoop her up.


Hailing from Peru, Liz’s parents gifted her with a love of travel starting at an early age. She’s visited 31 countries to date and is always on the lookout for her next adventure.


Liz is a team player, committed to modeling the passion, creativity, ambition and responsibility she hopes to instill in others. Liz attributes her motivation to get up every morning to her kids. Filling breakfasts and Cuban espresso also help. Her favorite quote serves as inspiration: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

Program Manager | Committed Collaborator | Playful Parent


Yurubi follows where her internal compass points. In the last decade, she has moved from Venezuela to Colombia to North Carolina; from consulting to corporate to nonprofit to agency. She alone has charted her path – asking questions, finding answers, learning, growing, and building confidence to meaningfully contribute in all she undertakes.


While she derives great satisfaction from her professional pursuits, Yurubi finds her true north in her two young children. Reading, playing, crafting, and helping them grow top her priority list. Cleaning up after them? Not so much. There’s nothing more irritating to her than a crumb-covered floor.


Yurubi was drawn to Montage for its diverse team and commitment to giving back. She contributes her own unique experiences and perspectives as a Program Manager, building bulletproof strategies and strong relationships with Montage’s customers and clients.

Engagement Manager | Change-Maker | Cheesecake Lover


Change isn’t easy, but Henrik doesn’t mind. He embraces it – always striving to keep up with the latest innovations and in-demand skillsets. His versatility stands as one of his greatest strengths.


Highly accomplished is his youth, Henrik’s personal and professional achievements extend into adulthood. He currently serves as a protégé with American Marketing Association Marketing Mentors Network. He has also followed on his collegiate swimming career, waking up for an early morning freestyle with the Lane 4 swim team.


Henrik is adaptable, disciplined, and eager. While it might be hard to believe, he does enjoy a few guilty pleasures. When he’s not working or working out, you’ll likely find Henrik savoring a slice of cheesecake or unwinding to country music.

Tour Manager | Art Lover | Small but Mighty


You can feel Mel’s presence in the room as soon as her favorite song starts playing. She is energized, empowered, fueled by coffee and creativity. And “She Works Hard for the Money.”


A well-traveled experiential marketer, Mel has graced every state excluding Alaska with her presence. She’s currently crossing the country as a bilingual Tour Manager for the All of Us Journey. The role provides her the much-desired opportunity to speak more Spanish, her first language.


Mel’s vibrant personality and MacGyver-like problem solving skills come in handy on the road. Her love of art is infectious, helping us all become more cultured. Mel can’t live without pizza, and counts a kiss on the cheek from Billy Idol as one of life’s most breathtaking moments. Who can blame her?

Senior Program Manager | Go-To Gal | Adventurer


We all know that person. The one who’s up for anything. That’s Angie. Intrinsically driven by a desire to do well and be well, Angie embraces every experience life throws at her. It’s the ideal disposition for a Tour Manager who lives life on the road.


Angie shifted to Montage from the sports marketing world. Her experiential expertise and interest in purpose-driven projects made joining the agency an easy choice. And her energy, approachability, and can-do will-do attitude made her an easy hire.


When she’s not crisscrossing the country with the All of Us Journey, Angie travels in pursuit of her passions. She’s been to more than 20 countries and all the States in the U.S. except one. She’s a scuba diving, cliff jumping, photo snapping, sun seeking free spirit who will try anything once. She’s also a consummate professional who lives by the mantra, “The price of greatness is responsibility.”

Outreach and Engagement Manager | Lifelong Learner | Texan


Karen is a striver. She’s a first-generation college graduate, an English-as-a-second language-learner, and always has three drinks (coffee, tea, and water) at the ready. Karen is curious, passionate, and persistent. All qualities that make her a great fit at Montage.


In both her personal and professional life, Karen aims to solve problems and drive change. She is an active volunteer in her local community and a key member of Montage’s All of Us Research Program outreach team. Regardless of the setting, Karen communicates and connects with people of all backgrounds and abilities.


Karen loves to discover new things. She is always on the lookout for new recipes, travel destinations, music, museums, and Netflix shows. She’s even in the process of learning Brazilian Portuguese just for fun. Muito bem!

Outreach and Engagement Manager | Proud MexiCAN-AmeriCAN | Ray of Sunshine


Hardworking, empathetic, and ebullient sum up Mäe. She moves through life joyfully and gratefully, proud of her heritage and the path she is charting.


Born in Texas, raised in Mexico, and residing in Indiana, Mäe cherishes growing up in a multilingual family. Today, she applies her bilingual talents while engaging communities in the All of Us Research Program.


Mäe finds purpose in helping others, bridging gaps between people, and advocating for equity across communities. She loves that her values align with Montage’s – aspiring to do more and be more for herself and others.


Given her sunny disposition and love of bright lipstick, you might be surprised that Mäe once identified as Goth. She further embraced life’s evolutions when learning how to swim at age 40. According to Mäe, “You are never too old to learn something new and overcome what you once thought was impossible.”äesandberg

Training and Integration Specialist | Amateur Actress | Mama Bear


Whether she’s on stage, on screen, or behind the scenes, Brooke is a performer any cast would be lucky to have. She plays a leading role at Montage as a frequent host of virtual events and at home as a mother of two. Brooke also captivates audiences in her spare time – performing in community theater productions.


A former middle and high school teacher, Brooke landed at Montage intent on continuing work in support of the greater good. She currently conducts outreach, engagement, and communications efforts in support of the All of Us Research Program. She is proud to do meaningful work alongside a team of people who “get it.”


Brooke is a longtime resident of the Sunshine State. While she loves her beaches and theme parks, she aspires to make tracks far and wide. The top of her list: hike the length of the Appalachian Trail.

Engagement Counselor | Former Educator | Living Room Comedian


Larissa intends to leave a legacy. She’s already excelled as an educator and an entrepreneur, and nothing will stand in her way of continued success. At Montage, she’s currently equipping organizations across the country to raise awareness about medical research and help improve health for the next generation.


Larissa’s life is guided by the three f’s – faith, family, and fun. She’s a firm believer in counting her blessings; she’s a devoted wife, mother, daughter, and sister; and she’s always the life of the party. Larissa holds her loved ones close and wants to make them proud.


When it comes to her professional life, Larissa leans into her patience, persistence, and adaptability. She’s an organized, enthusiastic people-person who helps individuals and organizations thrive. Her ideal work environment includes a tidy space, a great soundtrack, and a monthly massage.

Program Coordinator | Published Photographer | Powerlifter


Kevin Carrillo is a study in contrast. He loves pushing himself in the weight room. He also loves cuddling his goldendoodle, Moose. He counts landing his first corporate role as one of his greatest accomplishments. On the same list? Getting his photos published in GQ Portugal.


Kevin was born in Guatemala and moved to Virginia at age four. Growing up, his parents, both business owners, instilled in him an unbeatable work ethic and an unshakable sense of self-efficacy. It’s for these reasons that Kevin takes such great pride in his achievements. It’s also why he values Montage’s familial culture.


With a background in customer service, Kevin is a natural empath. He goes out of his way to help people at work and in his community. He then rewards himself with a Coke Zero and a burrito from Chipotle. Who are we to judge?

Program Analyst | Data Detective | Metalhead


Espen is so much more than spreadsheets. He is versatile, curious, and confident that he can find a solution to any problem he’s presented. While skilled at spotting trends in complex data sets, Espen understands that people interpret information differently. For him, creativity, communication, and context are equally important – and he’s committed to delivering across all aspects.


Inspired by opportunities for growth and improvement, Espen moves through life as if any given experience might become his new favorite thing. At the same time, he believes excellence is born out of repetition; if he puts in the time, results will follow. His stick-to-it-iveness is certainly what landed him a gig at the DC-area’s premier heavy metal club. Perhaps it’s also why he must drink at least one Harris Teeter Zero Calorie Cola every day. Whatever fuels him, we’re happy this talented team player is among us.