Get to Know the Faces of the Field Team

A skateboarding scientist. An Air Force veteran. An outgoing optimist. An art aficionado. Sure, in reality, Francisco, Steve, Luis and Mel’s actual job titles include Field Director and Tour Manager. But these four are far too dynamic to lead with professional titles alone. They are the people and the personalities that connect our clients to communities and customers nationwide.

Here at Montage, we specialize in experiential marketing—a practice founded on creating human-centered brand engagements. Multi-sensory and mutually-beneficial, these engagements allow brands to interact directly with an intended audience. Customers can get to know a company, witness the benefits of a product or service and ask questions. Companies, on the other hand, can demonstrate the value of their offering, provide clarity and build trust. Win-win.

The ideal outcome of any experiential effort is the formation of a buyer-brand relationship. And in this effort, the Field Team serves on the front line. They are essential to experiential marketing success.

Today, we are pleased to introduce the four outstanding individuals that lead the Montage Marketing Field Team. Get to know them:

Francisco Huizar, Field Director

Francisco is a true Texan. He loves line dancing, BBQ, and Spurs basketball. Whether on the basketball court or a skateboard, Francisco makes sure to get exercise wherever he goes. In fact, it was his interest in health that initially attracted him to the All of Us Research program. Little did he know that lending temporary support would transform into a full time Field Director.

Steve Curran, Tour Manager

Steve Curran, Tour Manager

Steve joined Montage to be part of a small company with a big presence – a presence he is undoubtedly making bigger while in the field. A United States Air Force veteran and 21-year cancer survivor, Steve doesn’t shy away from challenges. He’s naturally motivated, born to lead, and fond of the spotlight. As he puts it, he’s “a ‘Leo’ in every aspect.”

Luis Astacio, Tour Manager

Luis Astacio, Tour Manager

Luis signs his emails, “Your partner in success.” It’s an apt representation of his character. He finds energy in physical activity, loves having a goal to shoot for, and maintains a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. He constantly strives to improve himself and the world around him. Needless to say these traits make Luis an ideal Tour Manager for the All of Us Journey.

Mel Lopez, Tour Manager

A well-traveled experiential marketer, Mel has graced every state excluding Alaska with her presence. She’s currently crossing the country as a bilingual Tour Manager for the All of Us Journey. The role provides her the much-desired opportunity to speak more Spanish, her first language. Mel’s vibrant personality and MacGyver-like problem solving skills also come in very handy on the road.

Learn more about Francisco, Steve, Luis and Mel, and get to know our other team members here.

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