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Management Leadership for Tomorrow – MLT

Interactive displays and eye-catching engagements set the tone at a quinquennial conference.

National Institutes of Health – NIH

Mobile experience marketing engages one million people across America in biomedical research.

Center for Education Reform – CER

Guerrilla marketing and advocacy open doors for Washington, D.C. students.


A series of fantastical events invite kids and families to discover a known brand in a new market.

National Park Service

A custom-designed mobile visitor's center introduces local explorers to lesser-known landmarks.

O’Connell & Lawrence

Targeted outreach and compelling design elevate an engineering firm's latest innovation.

Montgomery County Volunteer Center

Event management enhances the accessibility and impact of an annual community service celebration.

Fannie Mae

Innovative engagement events introduce 3,000 employees to new ways of working.

Garage Force

Live events and media placements connect former military service members with new job opportunities.

Display America

Brand and experience marketing elevate a successful exhibit company to the next level.

GAN Integrity Inc.

An interactive introduction attracts risk-averse audiences to a new market player.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative – GHHI

Full-service event management makes a national event easy for nonprofit staff.

Explore! Children’s Museum

Audience research and competitive analysis influence a new development strategy for a local children's museum.

NanoTouch Materials

Audience and industry research inform go-to-market strategy for a first-of-its-kind product.

Hispanic Access Foundation

Stakeholder research and marketing strategy enable an established organization to extend their impact.

NanoSeptic® Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Market research and a culminating press event highlight a scientific solution to cleaner travel.