U.S. Department of the Air Force

Marketing materials support the prevention of interpersonal and self-directed violence.




The Department of the Air Force needed a synchronized marketing strategy, inclusive of awareness materials and social media messaging, to aid service members and civilian employees in identifying suicide and interpersonal violence (ISDV) risk factors and accessing prevention.


Montage created planning guides, posters, and videos that detailed data-informed, evidence-based strategies for addressing suicide and interpersonal violence. The materials equipped Airmen, Guardians, leaders, spouses, and Air Force civilian employees with knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent, intervene, and safely respond to ISDV in multiple forms.

We developed monthly guides, social media messaging and graphics calendars, and commander talking points for the prevention and awareness of teen dating violence, child abuse, and sexual violence, and annual guides and videos for suicide and domestic violence awareness and prevention. All the materials were provided to Air and Space Force installations worldwide.

Additionally, Montage developed a Comprehensive Integrated Resilience Communications Plan. The plan provides a coordinated, yearlong marketing and messaging plan to support connectedness as the cornerstone approach to preventing ISDV and establishing a culture where all Airmen, Guardians, civilians, and their families can thrive.


  • Montage’s delivery of evidence-based, visually engaging branded materials enabled Air Force leadership to effectively communicate their commitment to preventing ISDV in all its forms across its communities.
  • The awareness and prevention guides, posters, videos, and leadership talking points elevated the existing Department of the Air Force Resilience brand.
  • These efforts reinforced the importance of providing all personnel with the tools and resources they need to be safe, thriving, and mission ready.

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