Audience and industry research and go-to-market strategy culminate in the launch of a first-of-its-kind product.


Nanotouch developed a highly desirable line of self-cleaning surfaces and needed a focused and targeted launch strategy to bring its products to market.


Montage conducted discovery conversations with the MBDA and listening sessions with industry leaders to inform marketing strategy and brand development.

Montage then helped Nanotouch make a splash, providing media outreach and conducting a secondary market research study to promote a B2B partnership with Akron Airport and Western Reserve Hospital. The partnership culminated in a press launch at the airport where Nanotouch self-cleaning mats were installed in TSA security bins.


  • Our research and go-to-market strategy enabled Nanotouch to establish a strong position in the B2B market, generating immediate revenue as well as long-term success.
  • Media efforts gained nationwide attention in Reader’s Digest, USA Today, Lonely Planet, and several major travel blogs.
  • Since launch, Nanotouch’s B2B partnerships have attracted far-reaching consumer attention, extending awareness of its innovative self-cleaning products.

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