Federal Emergency Management Agency

Strategic planning and internal communications increase participation in an essential annual survey.


FEMA sought to increase participation in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS), an annual opportunity for employees to share their perceptions about their work experiences and leaders. Following a series of organizational challenges, greater uptake of the survey was essential to FEMA’s ability to gauge the success of initiatives to better its culture and identify where further improvements should be made.


Montage customized strategic marketing plans to promote the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey based on past agency surveys and our own research and analysis. The plans established measurable marketing objectives for internal communications and recommended market trends and conditions.

We developed communication strategies and crafted messaging and materials about FEVS for distribution through internal channels, including SharePoint, the FEMA Weekly newsletter, and broadcast emails. Montage further concepted and produced a series of five videos to educate FEMA’s 20,000+ employees about FEVS and the importance of their participation.

Along with promoting survey uptake, Montage worked with FEMA leadership to identify and analyze how the results should be addressed within the agency. We collaborated with FEMA leadership to concept campaigns that translated problem areas into workplace programming and positive change.


  • Montage increased the FEMA-wide employee response rate on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to 55%, up from 48%.
  • Employee survey scores improved by 7%, reflecting improvements in organizational culture.

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