National Institutes of Health

Outreach, engagement, and partner management fuel growth for a national health research program.




Pyxis Partners sought a partner to help create and manage outreach and engagement activities, communications, and events that would support the inclusion of traditionally underrepresented populations in biomedical research and share the benefits of participation in the All of Us Research Program.


Montage worked collaboratively with Pyxis to develop a relationship-based approach to outreach and engagement. We recruited a dedicated team of Engagement Counselors to build and support a network of 115 grassroots, ethnic/minority, faith-based, health provider organizations, and special interest groups that are trusted within communities that historically haven’t been represented in health research.
Montage’s Engagement Counselors support organizations within the network, helping to engage their stakeholders in activities such as in-person and virtual events, dissemination of communications materials, direct mail, and public relations. Organizations are provided with tailored training, event strategies, and communications products needed to effectively reach target audiences. Engagement tools and materials are influenced by a Montage-led, participant-focused team of researchers, doctors, and members of ethnic/minority, faith-based, and disability communities.


  • In 2021, Montage actively engaged 775 in-person and virtual partner activities with events, communications products, presentation templates, toolkits, talking points, and scripts across 18 target markets.
  • The collective efforts resulted in 2,134,023 impressions, 641,208 engagements and contributed to the program’s 350,000 enrollments in the same year.

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