Fannie Mae

Innovative engagement events introduce 3,000 employees to new ways of working.


During a time of corporate transition from five separate area offices to a new centralized, collaboration-driven campus, Fannie Mae looked to educate, engage, and establish a new way of working (open space, paperless, agile, technology-oriented) among thousands of Washington, D.C. area employees.


Montage conducted an analysis of existing office usage, surveys, interviews with key personnel, and onsite ethnographic research to understand employee interactions with the planned workspace. A resulting employee engagement strategy included on-site events to introduce the new working environment and ethos.

Montage then planned and hosted a series of 22 interactive, entertaining, and timely events to align personnel with the organizational changes, each attended by several hundred employees.

On-site promotion and internal communications drove participation and provided personnel with additional information about the office transition, new sustainable work environment, and agile work practices.


  • The on-site events engaged more than 2,775 Fannie Mae employees, with roughly 12% of attendees experiencing the new campus for the first time.
  • Montage measured positive employee sentiment across all events.
  • We provided instrumental support in easing the transition for 5,000 staff and client leadership tasked with managing the organizational change.

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