O’Connell & Lawrence

Targeted outreach and compelling design elevate an engineering firm’s latest innovation.




Ahead of a leading industry conference, O’Connell & Lawrence wanted to make their latest innovation—a custom van equipped with advanced pavement analysis technology—the sought-after product among civil engineers and government decision makers.


Montage devised a creative outreach strategy to reach the firm’s prospective buyers. We then developed and distributed marketing materials to promote the new product, including a customized kit aimed at VIPs and a brochure for broader audiences.

Communicating the technology, which uses lasers to scan roadways, collect data, and analyze pavement quality, required including industry language and specifications. We streamlined the language for both communications products, balancing it with striking images to capture the attention of stakeholders.

In addition to highlighting O’Connell & Lawrence’s unique selling proposition, the VIP kits contained high-end giveaways, including a USB pen pre-loaded with a promotional video. Each kit was sent via direct mail to a highly targeted audience of private and public sector engineers and decision makers.

The brochure was distributed at the conference to reinforce awareness and stimulate additional interest in the pavement analysis technology.


  • The final marketing materials stimulated interest and inquiries from prospective buyers before, during, and after the conference.
  • Our strategies supported the successful rollout of the client’s custom technology.

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