Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Immersive displays and activities inspire the next generation of corporate leaders.




Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) sought to integrate its 15th anniversary conference theme, “Turn Pro. Become a Champion.” into all aspects of the attendee experience—from the first point of contact at registration until the closing keynote.


Montage provided experiential strategy and design to translate the theme into signature ambient elements and immersive engagement activities aimed at capturing the attention of MLT’s audience of diverse young leaders.

For the main entrance hall, we produced a lenticular sign which displayed “Turn Pro” or “Become a Champion” depending on the angle it was viewed. Read together, the words made up the conference theme.

We also developed floor-to-ceiling engagement panels for attendees to interact with and personalize between conference sessions. Located in high-traffic areas, the panels invited attendees to write and display messages about their personal and professional strengths.

Montage supported on-site event operations and attendee flow management to ensure all engagements were seamlessly integrated and attendees had an optimal conference experience.


  • Montage’s experiential solutions generated hundreds of attendee interactions.
  • Created emotional connections by way of relevant messaging and calls to action.
  • Optimized the attendee experience and participation by incorporating engagements throughout the conference space.
  • Contributed to the conference experience and attendee satisfaction as identified in post event surveys.

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